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The ultimate course to learn
how to sew and glam up a luxury special occasion/second wedding dress within 30 days

Your tailoring game is about to get so much better 

your tailoring game just got better…

Hi, I'm Petra

I am a seasoned fashion designer with over 6 years experience in making luxury dresses. I took my skills and knowledge set in fashion and turned into a series of courses and classes where I help other fashion designers like you sew and design beautiful dresses.You are here because you want to learn how to make the kind of luxury dresses and second wedding dress outfits women rave about. I want to help you create those kind of dresses.


in this course,


You will learn a seamless way to sew luxury special ocassion/ second wedding dress outfits with four way stetch plain tulle that fits your client perfectly. You will learn how to sew the dress to fit all sizes easily with minimal investment



You will learn how to embellish luxury special ocassion dresses/ second wedding dress outifts on a four way stretch plain tulle. You will learn how to make luxury outfits designed with a plain tulle look luxe and heavy with little investment. you will see how easy it is to take a plain tulle and transform it.


this course is designed to be very practical. By the end of the course, you will not only have the skillset and knowledge to sew a luxury dress/ second wedding dress outfit with a four way stretch plain tulle, you will also have sewn your very first sample which can be rented or sold to a woman of any body size. When I say,  this course will up your tailoring game, I mean every word!

a luxury special ocassion wear costs nothing less than N100,000/$200 currently right now and the cost to make 1 is not upto a quarter of that fee..do your maths! tell me how profitable this will be to you?

One size fits all dresses made easy

One dress, multiple clients. If you are looking to create a design you can rent to many, this course is for you. 


No more
"it doesn't fit me"

Say goodbye to multiple corrections, loosing and re-sewing, late night adjustments and disappointed clients because it doesn’t fit. 


Become a beast with luxury occasion dresses

This course will take the “WTF” out of sewing and embellishing luxury dresses. Zero confusion, easy lessons. 


Your future self after taking this course is a PRO at sewing and embellishingLuxury special ocassion dresses and second wedding dress outfits .has clients of varying body sizes wearing the luxury dresses you designed and all your clients leave you with big smiles because the dresses look like they cost a million bucks and fit them perfectly. Your future self is well known for making well fitted heavily embellished luxury dresses and  are damn good at making them. 


I know you may have some "buts..."

But I don't have data to stream classes

All videos are downloadable so you can watch on your own time from anywhere on any device. You are not restricted by device


But I am not an expert in sewing yet

This course is a great fit for anybody. Whether you are an expert or, you have basic sewing skills


But I don't have the time to learn this

The course is self-paced, materials are accesible and, the learning period is spaced out (4 months). 


you may also be curious to know how much it will cost to make your first sample… i will say there are grades of luxury and it all depends on the quality of crystals you are using…best believe that with as little as N20,000/$40 you can make your first luxury special occasion wear .

Choose your preferred fee


You can get this course at pre-order from  December 30th to December 31st on 50% off the price using the pre-order fee



From February 1st to February 25th, you will be able to get this course at N30,000. Still a discount from the actual fee



Once the deadline for the early bird price runs out, you will get the course at the actual price; No more discounts.




every woman needs a luxury dress to attend weddings, photoshoots, birthday celebrations, red carpet events or for their second wedding outfit appearance. women will always need to make or hire luxury dresses. As a fashion designer, this is a skill you cannot afford not to have