Top fashion training expert reveals how to be a great wedding DRESSMAKER in 16 weeks… even if you haven’t used a sewing machine before !!

Warning: If you want to earn money and build a strong client base-read this entire letter right now

I am about to show you my proven 16 weeks method to be a great bridal wear dressmaker but before I let you in, I am going to tell you a short story. It’s the story of my ex-student.

It’s the story of my ex-student.

“I am writing to you ma’am because I owe you my success. Abimbola is my name, I come from a family of 5, and lost my parents while at the university. With no one to help me with tuition and 2 siblings after me, I needed to step up and do something to earn money. I left school and decided to work to make ends meet. I worked different odd jobs due to my lack of skills.

I was just living… But, One fateful Friday morning, after emptying my last cash to pay for my younger ones’ school fees, I was left dejected. I just decided to stay home that day, and surfed the net, thinking to myself “what can I do?” I came across your ad about bridal design. I was interested, but the fee was not something I had, but a new fire had been revived in me. I wanted to scale from a regular dressmaker to a bridal wear designer.

I actually started daydreaming (lol). But what attracted me to your ad was the self-paced online training, I could easily learn from home at my own time and make money to feed myself and younger ones. It was a dream come true for me. All I needed to do was raise the money. As the saying goes, where there is a will there is a sure way. Aunty Petra, I found a way oo. I didn’t mind working 4 part-time jobs just to save up for the training. Those 3 months were hellish but worth every single thing. After enrolling, I studied from my home, 12 am to 5 am was my favorite time due to free night browsing.

I would download the courses, watch it over and over again then practice it. Your training was always detailed and comprehensive. Though you weren’t there in person I didn’t have trouble understanding the terms as a complete beginner. After an intense 16 weeks, I got my certification in bridal mastery. And the journey hasn’t been the same for me. I practiced what I learned on people around me. I was gaining practical information while building a portfolio.

Aunty Petra, after 6 months of giving free value, I was noticed by a top designer in the country. Now I make bridal dresses for runways and my pieces get sold out every time. No one believes I learned bridal mastery online. Due to my skill level and professionalism. But that is a secret I prefer to laugh about with you and my fellow alumni. The good news is, I am opening my own label next month and I want you to grace the occasion.

I owe you this success.

Thank you for making everything easy and understandable.

From your ex-student


That was one long letter, but that is one inspirational letter I love to talk about. It is the reason I do what I do. Not just to teach but impact every single one of my students. And it could be your story that will be published as well.

Don’t stay by the fence, sign up for our online courses, and learn from scratch how to build a career as a wedding dressmaker either as an experienced, complete beginner or relatively new into the industry.

Gain valuable skills to survive in the industry. Not only will you learn everything about bridal designs but the business aspect as well, how to carve a niche for yourself, build a strong client base and be on your way to becoming a pro in 16 weeks!

Why should you believe me?

My name is Petra and I’m a wedding/special occasion designer and tutor with several years of experience. I’m the founder of Petra by design online fashion academy and I have tutored over 15,000 young ambitious people.online to fulfill their creative potential and become successful fashion designers.

The majority of them have started their own business and are living their dream of doing what they truly love.

And you are one click away to living that dream life as well.

The course is painstakingly detailed and comprehensive. It was Designed To Launch The Beginner into the wedding dress making Or Scale The advanced dressmaker Into Next Level Profits.


The course has been divided into 2 parts, the first part has all the sewing techniques you'll need with 12 modules and the second part will take you through the business side of wedding dressmaking with 5 modules.


Wedding dress bodice construction with lacing and eyelets

Wedding dress with bare skin effect(illusion)

Petticoat for wedding skirts

Detachable wedding skirt

Wedding veil

Tambour embroidery

Princess wedding skirt

Decoration techniques

Wedding dress with appliques deconstruction

And much more.

This course alone cost NGN 250,000


Bridal consultation

Marketing strategies online and offline

Pricing techniques

Sourcing bridal fabrics from international markets and more

Valued for NGN 100,000 

But, I won’t charge that amount though I can.That isn’t my end goal, my end goal is seeing you succeed

Therefore, if you are an experienced designer, a year upward

Instead of charging a total of 350,000 Naira to learn the very best techniques to start a brand.

I will not charge 250,000 naira


You can pay in two installments!!

As an experienced designer or total beginner.

Why the price difference?

We are starting from scratch, teaching you the basics before moving upward to learn bridal mastery.

That is the only difference, your training is the same and you learn all the fundamentals to be a great designer in a space of 4 months. (16 weeks).

This is a great opportunity to build yourself.

There are 3 options waiting on the table

  • Read this heartfelt letter, click exit and continue struggling with making headway in the fashion industry
  • Read this letter and spend money to learn this skill elsewhere and struggle to be a professional with a 2-star budget


  • We take you by the hand and build you up, be a professional within a space of 4 months, on your terms and schedule.

It’s left to you, but because I care, I would strongly advise you to take the 3rd option because I want to see you succeed.

Either you sign up or not, someone is asking me to take their money and teach them everything I know.

Currently,we have 247 students enrolled on the bridal dress making course and more on the waitlist.

Apart from the training, for the 4 months, you have access to me to ask any questions.

So my dear let’s crush your financial goals together and make a name for you.

All for NGN 125,000 as an experienced designer

NGN 175,000 as a total beginner.

And remember, you can pay in two installments.